Here we go!

How frighteningly exciting is this! So a little more about myself (please see the About section). I have an 8 year old little girl who reminds me daily that her sass and sarcasm came from me. I haven’t wrote a blog for over 6 years and am a little rusty. Please bare with me as I start on this journey and leave comments on what you have experience (if possible relating to the post) that can potentially help another woman/mom.

I really like my job, most days, and have helped hundreds of people in the position I’m in They have made a difference in my life, good and bad. But I stress out a lot over finances and live as low key of a life as possible while still having some fun. Even I need to let loose!

My daughter is my favorite person. She doesn’t get mad . . . unlike her hot-headed mother, and has her own challenges. Saying she keeps me on my toes is an understatement. She suffers from severe allergies that have landed her in the ER and countless of doctor appointments.  We are pros at entertaining ourselves in the waiting room.

So please let me know if there is ever a topic you would like me to blog about or share my experiences with. Like I said, I’m a little rusty and a little sporadic and want to blog so many things but have a hard time staying on topic – if you have ever had a face to face conversation with me, you totally understand this!


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