Organized Chaos

Organization has to play a key role to keeping me sane. I still use a calendar to keep track of upcoming appointments and activities. I have a calendar at work for days off, meetings, hearings and preps. We work up to 3 months in advance so I need to stay ahead. 
But at home, I need to keep track of days off, no school or half days, doctor appointments, anything school related, and her visitation schedule. Which is a job itself. I color code my weekends, her dad’s weekends and holidays, then who she is with on holiday weekends. Seriously. I have 3 different highlighter colors going on just with her visitation schedule alone. 
I’m jealous of people that can figure out how to use the Sugar planner, Plum planner, Happy planner or Lifeplanned. I have tried using a planner but I need to be more visual on our schedule. I have to be able to glance on a day, see what’s marked or highlighted and move on with my day. 
I have set up my calendar until August when school starts. Trust me, I needed to know when to plan my vacation from work. 🙂
Honestly, I’m at her dance class making sure I have the days my bills are due written down because that’s the first thing I usually forget. Don’t get me wrong, sticky notes are still my bestie, but that’s usually for a change in my schedule that I’m not prepared for. I don’t like change, I don’t know, it maybe my only flaw. 🙂
It’s still early in the year so I may revisit the planner option again. But if I have to use YouTube to set up a planner, I may already be a loss cause!
Good luck, everyone! 


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