It doesn’t get easier

My little girl is having surgery. This isn’t her first, but it doesn’t mean it gets easier. I absolutely hate seeing her scared and nervous. She always put on a brave face and tells me it will be okay. That’s my job. How did we switch places?

I get nervous when she goes to the back with the nurses. I know I would be in the way, but I want to see what they’re doing to her.

The hardest part is recovery. I can’t be prepared for how she will feel or if she’ll be in pain. Then she’ll have iv’s in her arm that may or may not hurt. The moments of confusion is the saddest. It’s like, she suddenly forgot what happened to her and then she’s really scared.

Right now, I’m sitting here……. just waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting.

If you ever find yourself in a position of having to wait for a loved one, there are ways to occupy yourself.

  1. Get on their wifi. If you decide to get online, check your Facebook…. blog, then you’ll save some data.
  2. If possible, bring a friend. Having someone to talk to will keep your mind off of what is going on and can help make the time pass.
  3. Bring a book or newspaper. Or even your tablet. There are 6 people playing games, reading or just getting online.
  4. Craft. Yes, start a crochet. Keeping your hands busy can keep your mind busy.

I’m getting ready to head back. There will be lots of cuddling and babying her. She deserves it.


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