Thank You.

This weekend was a relaxing and good time with friends. I always appreciate friends that remind me to go out every once in a while. I can get so wrapped up in needing and wanting to save money, that I forget that isn’t what life is about.

So I went to the movies on Friday (a non animated movie, an adult win) with two of my closest friends. It was fun to be laid back and chat about random things. Saturday night I listened to a friend’s band. Again, it was a laid back atmosphere with friends and drinks.This weekend ended on Sunday, when I was hanging out with my best friend for most of the afternoon. We needed time to catch up and we did just that.

I don’t go out every weekend. In fact, most weekends are spent catching up on laundry, cleaning and running errands that I don’t have time for during the week. Oh, and catching up on Netflix.

So I always appreciate when friends will remember me and invite me to go out with them. More so, on the weekends when A. is home and I’m constantly reminded that she is always welcome to come along (for family friendly events, of course.)

So, thank you to my friends who won’t let me be a homebody, who remind me to go out and enjoy life, who constantly say, “what’s the worse that can happen?” I can’t wait for more relaxing weekends with friends!



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