Catching up

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Between another surgery with A., follow ups appointments and just needing to get things done; I’ve been busy. The constant of feeling like I need to get things done, left me drained.

I wasn’t even sleeping in my own bed. A. was; I wasn’t. I was barely changing into PJ’s. I know I have mentioned time management, but sometimes I don’t have time to manage my time.

The disadvantage of doing things by yourself, is doing them by yourself. Quick example of a Thursday night when we don’t have to be somewhere. We get home between 5:15 to 5:30pm (again, this is assuming we don’t have to run to the store), I start dinner, she checks her back pack and grabs a snack. As I make dinner, she works on homework, or one of her online school sites. I usually assume I can multitask between starting laundry, helping her with work or, heck, start her bath. We are pretty good of being done by 7 pm when we can sit down. Oh but wait! Remember, I thought I was good at multitasking. Then fun part is finishing what I started, like the laundry, putting way food, staring at my dishes hoping they would do themselves.

Case in point, I started this blog 3 days ago.

The part of my life that took the most time is giving A. her meds and helping her with her recovery. This was her second surgery this month, and a different part of her. I honestly don’t know how parents with children who are more sick or how need more medical attention then mine do it.

Power to you because I see you in the waiting room just looking around waiting for someone to give you an update. This last time I sat in a small room by myself for an hour until the doctor came and gave me an update. I was in the next room as you, waiting for our little one’s to be rolled in.

I didn’t really sleep for a couple of days because I kept waking up afraid that she would rub her eyes and bother her sutures, or lay wrong on her stitches and split open. She, on the other hand, had little to no problem sleeping.

And I’m trying to cut back on coffee. Big mistake, huge.

But for tonight, I’m catching up on here and Netflix. Good night 🙂


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