There’s not enough Lysol in the World


I thought we could get through this cold and flu season without the cold or flu. We did.

What I didn’t see coming is the viral infection and bronchitis, that she has, which is also flaring up her asthma. I’ve sprayed Lysol, used a blend of Vinegar and Tea Tree oil, Clorox wipes and anything else I can think of. She is on a couple of different medicines along with the medicines from her surgeries from February.

I can handle sniffing and sneezing. I can’t handle the 102º fever. Or the 103º fever.  That’s where panic happens. Her fever broke a couple of times. It will fluctuate because of the virus. But still.

I have two of her medicines, Vicks, a thermometer, Kleenex, bottled water, and cough syrup next to us. Last night we slept on the couch. Why. Actually, I don’t know why. But I’m regretting it today. Trust me, major regret.

Every time she coughs, I hold my breath. Don’t judge. You wouldn’t want to catch what she has either.

I’ll make this brief. Her being sick, sucks. Sleeping on the couch for the second night in a row, really sucks.

Good night, drinks lots of fluids, cover your mouth and stay healthy!

*Where was I going with this blog? Hell, I don’t know. I really haven’t slept in the past week.*


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