It’s been way too long

I haven’t blogged in a while because things just got busy and complicated. There were so many times where I needed someone to listen to what has been happening, but I kept thinking, “I’m just complaining and no one wants to read that.”

But that was kinda the point, right? Not necessarily complain, but to express my frustrations as a single parent dealing with life with a pre-pre-teen, how co-parenting is a struggle, the lonliness of being the only one to do this, trying to date in a technologically screwed up world, and being the only financial supporter of a family of two. 

Kudos to you single parents who have more than one child, I don’t know how you do it somedays. 

I’ll definitely get back on track with writing, now that I can look back on things and evalutate (with a clearer head,) and start back where I left off. 
Stay tune!


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