The Wo-mom (Woman + Mom) behind the screen

Hello, my name is Cristina.
A little about myself: During college, I worked in publishing and as a journalist, while writing 15 to 20 page papers on Shakespeare and printed media, living off of soup-in-hands and hoping I grabbed the right books from my car. After college, I joined the work force for a major company, living in different cities and enjoying ice cream only dinners. My metabolism was great! Let’s bring this to today: I work full-time at a law firm helping people, volunteering for local organizations whenever possible, and trying to keep a few hobbies, running, exercising, reading and blogging 🙂

Oh, I joined motherhood in 2008 to a healthy, beautiful, late (which should have been my first clue to our untimeliness), little girl.
It’s just us running (again, usually late) for school activities, dance lessons, doctor appointments, and basically every day life.

Which is why I’m here. A lot has changed in our lives over the past 2 years and since I’m a single mom, I learned a lot about strength, faith and trying to maintain my sanity.

I don’t have answers to all of these various situations I find myself in. I started this to share my experiences, my thoughts, my challenges and all that comes with being a mom and single woman trying to get through this crazy life.

So please, join me on my journey and let’s see what happens next!